Andria Tobey Falcaro

I get that weddings are a ton of work and can be a stressful experience and I want to make sure that the morning of your special day is as happy, fun, and relaxed as it can be.  I feel so lucky to play a role in one of the most memorable days of your life, so I treat it like the privilege it is to support you and your girls in looking and feeling your absolute best.

I started my career at John Barrett in New York City and quickly began working with some of NYC’s top hairstylists. I’ve traveled all across the United States, to Morocco, Aruba, and Canada for my clients, and have been featured in top publications like The Coveter,, and Green Wedding Shoes. Seven years in the business has taught me the ins and outs of styling and my love for bridal has grown more and more as time goes on.

After marrying my husband, Joe, in 2016 and experiencing all that comes with planning a wedding (the good and  the bad), I decided I wanted to change things up in the industry. I wanted to bring luxury hairstyling into the homes of my clients in a seamless way, while supporting other women at the same time.

“My first call with Andria felt like two friends catching up. She’s open, honest, and genuine. You know what you’re getting with her and she will tell you what she thinks and she will speak her mind. I liked that I felt heard and understood by her. She really listened. My biggest piece of advice to all the bride-to-be’s out there is to make sure you speak up about what you want and surround yourself with strong, calming, and positive forces on your big day. The energy of the people you bring in and surround yourself with matters. Everyone adds to your vibe and your energy – Andria will help you create your dream hair, but she will also bring her fun, fashionable, cool, and calm vibes.” – Olivia

Women In Need (WIN)

While we love to beautify you and your girls on your most important days, we also want to help beautify the lives of women who aren’t as fortunate. That’s why I chose to be involved with Women In Need (WIN). This kick-ass organization is based right here in New York City and is dedicated to helping get homeless women and their children off the streets and turn their lives around. They provide housing, childcare options, self-motivation, jobs, education, and so much more. We believe that the smallest act of kindness can make a huge impact in a person’s life, and by partnering with me and my team, you’ll feel good, look good, and do good. What’s more beautiful than that?

Check out more of the amazing stuff WIN does here: